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Support Coordination

We recognise that it can be challenging to navigate the NDIS plan. Our support coordinators will support you to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan and connect you to the community, mainstream and government services.

Our Support Coordinator works closely to identify needs, personalise supports and make sure you are connecting with the appropriate services. Along the way, we support you to enhance the skills and boost the confidence you need to independently manage your NDIS plan.

We will continuously ensure as you receiving the best support, we check in consistently to assess whether goals are being achieved and whether any changes or adjustments are needed.

Our Support Coordinators mainly focus on the following aspects,

Assist to navigate NDIS Plan and work with you to find the appropriate Services & service Provider.

  • Assist to develop knowledge, experience and connections with the community and broader systems of support.
  • Assist participants to understand Plan funding and its purpose. Our qualified support coordinators identify what participant wants and accordingly will develop and design support to meet Participant goals and aspirations.
  • Assist the Participant to identify and consider various support options, and link the Participant to the broader systems of support.
  • Assistance to resolve the crisis and developing capacity and resilience in the Participant's network.
  • Coach the Participant through challenges that come up. Helps participants prepare for review and report on achieved Participant outcomes.

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