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Community Participation

Community Activities provide opportunities to learn new skills, be active in the community and to visit interesting places. Feeling connected to the community that is important to your happiness and sense of wellbeing.

Blue Heart Community Care will support you in taking part in activities that you enjoy, allowing you to meet and greet with people who share your interests.

We will find and match you with one of our Support Worker based on your shared interests. We aim to support you to achieve your unique goals and aspirations and to help increase your sense of independence as a valued and participating member of the community.

Some of the activities we assisting to our participants are:

Assistance to participate in social and community activities.

  • To Go out for Shopping
  • For Medical appointments
  • To visit the library, bank and post office
  • To visit the swimming Pool & the Gym
  • Visiting friends and family, Going to a café or a restaurant, Attending group activities (Morning Melody) Hair, nail and beauty appointments, Go out for a walk or drive.
  • Attending community events and many more.

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