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Personal Care and In-Home Support Service

Personal Care Assistant and In-Home Disability Care Services

Do you require personal care assistance? Are you looking for a compassionate, trained and well experienced personal care assistant in South East Melbourne?

Enjoy what you love to do with the right support and assistance from our personal care assistants. Blue Heart Community Care matches you with empathetic and trained personal care support workers. Since personal care is individualistic, it's important to entrust the care of loved ones to the right person. Our personal care and in-home support workers are respectful, compassionate and maintain your loved one's dignity at all costs.

Considerate and Well-mannered Personal Care Assistant in South East Melbourne

Our professionals help participants identify their goals and aspirations along with supporting them with practical guidance to achieve those objectives. We empower participants to gain more control and confidence to build a meaningful life from within the comfort of their homes.

At BlueHeart Community Care, our in-home disability care services aim at assisting or supervising the participants carrying out their routine tasks as independently as possible.

This may include assistance,

It enables you to live a more independent Life.

  • Personal Care
  • Household Assistance
  • Assistance with Meal Preparation
  • Companionship

Dedicated and Humane In-Home Disability Care Services

BlueHeart Community Care matches you with trained and motivated professionals you are comfortable with. Our personal assistance creates strategies to enable the participants to carry out anything from daily tasks to complex things like budgeting, as autonomously as possible.

Why Hire a Personal Care Assistant and In-home Disability Care Services?

  • Dedicated Professionals - While skills, qualifications and training is essential, it's the dedication that makes the real difference.
  • Smooth Communication - Effective communication is an essential part of this job and a valuable skill. Personal care assistants with excellent communication skills can provide the care that is needed.
  • Friendly and Humane Approach - Participants often get withdrawn or exhibit behavioural issues. Our professionals take a holistic approach to ensure they are safe and comfortable throughout.

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