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Mental Health Support Coordination

Establishing societal integration for individuals with mental health issues can be challenging. Mental health support coordination is essential for enabling individuals to be successful in the community.

What is Mental Health Care Coordination Support?

Coordinators and associated support workers work with individuals and their families to evaluate the assistance, skills and support that individuals need to function in society with a certain level of ease.

Blue Heart's commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with mental health issues extends beyond specialised assistance. We communicate and coordinate with several organisations, healthcare providers, community groups and supporting services to ensure that the individual is on their way to achieving their goals.

What are the benefits of Mental Health NDIS Support Coordination?

Mental Health support coordination enables the individual to reach societal integration with the help of multiple providers of compassionate care and expertise to an individual and their family.

Some direct benefits include:

  • The Coordination of services is person-centric: No two individuals would thrive with the same type of support; therefore, constant evaluation and steady growth is vital.
  • Individual's Values: Support coordinators are aware of the individuals personal, cultural and social values and work in line with them.
  • Wide Social Spectrum: We always ensure that the individual is prepared for and comfortable with various everyday social activities. The aim is to achieve social inclusiveness with the help of many aspects of personalised mental, physiological and nutritional care to education, networking and employment.
  • Develop Resilience: While support coordination is a process of steady growth towards personalised goals, building resilience and skills is the outcome.

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How is Coordination different from regular Mental Health Support?

Mental health support coordination is aimed towards the societal integration of the individual.

As the name suggests, support coordination coordinates several aspects of the individual's growth and development to help them become an integral part of society and live a life of dignity and fulfilment.

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