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Our Services
Support Coordination

Assist to navigate NDIS Plan and work with you to find the appropriate Services & service Provider.

  • Identify the best services according to Participants Needs.
  • Coordinate with providers and other options.
  • Liaise with government agencies.
  • Organise the manner and timing of supports, including service agreements and obtain quotes for services.
  • Source suitable accommodation and respite options.
  • Assist you regarding Employment and link to other community services (i.e. housing, education, transport, health).
  • Arrange if any assessments required.
  • Implement and monitor your NDIS plan or re-develop your goals prior to a plan review.

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Community Participation

Assistance to participate in social and community activities.

  • To Go out for Shopping
  • For Medical appointments
  • To visit the library, bank and post office
  • To visit the swimming Pool & the Gym
  • Visiting friends and family, Going to a café or a restaurant, Attending group activities (Morning Melody) Hair, nail and beauty appointments, Go out for a walk or drive.
  • Attending community events and many more.

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Personal care and In-Home Support

It enables you to live a more independent Life.

  • Personal Care
  • Household Assistance
  • Assistance with Meal Preparation
  • Companionship

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Domestic Assistance

Assistance in household activities will ensure your home is safe & well maintained.

  • Assistance in Household Cleaning.
  • House and Yard Maintenance.
  • Assistance in general household tasks

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Daily Living and Life Skills

Focus on training & develpment activities to increase the ability to live independent.

  • Training & Education.
  • Budgeting & Money.
  • Time Management
  • Travel
  • Independent Living

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